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What the Parents Say...

‘KidCast was such a positive experience for my daughter Rachel, from seeing how recordings happen, using modern technology to communicate with all kinds of people, talking to people she wouldn't usually encounter, enunciating clearly and enjoying the admiration for the finished programme and the part she played in it. She was very lucky to get the chance to be part of it and I hope that other children get the opportunity to partake. It opens up the medium of the spoken word and radio for children, beyond music. I think it should be endorsed as a learning resource in the primary school, appealing to learners who might not be visual learners, who can create their own mental images of the KidCast they hear.’

Anne-Marie Flynn, Jan 2022

(Primary School Teacher, Parent of Rachel Flynn (9), KidCast Ep 8)



‘I think that KidCast was an amazing opportunity for Noah, he had never done anything like it before! For Noah, being exposed to the different stages of preparation and editing before the finished podcast was excellent. As a parent, I often tell him to read over this schoolwork and to check for mistakes but he hasn't seen this in a real life setting before and the importance of checking over completed work and to see how polished editing makes the end result. 

Céire went out of her way to make Noah relaxed and ready to chat before they started recording. He was nervous beforehand about the podcast and chatting to a real life author but by the time they had finished the interview, he was absolutely thrilled with himself and it was a great confidence boost for him. He is a chatty boy but having the opportunity to co-host a podcast was absolutely fantastic, not only for him, but for family and friends who listened to it afterwards who were amazed at how confident he sounded. Céire has a great way with children and speaks to them as equals which automatically brings the best out of them. Her calm demeanour put Noah at ease and he never felt for a moment that he was performing, but having a chat with Céire. I'm so thankful to Céire for giving Noah this opportunity and if she ever needs a co-host again, I know that Noah would be delighted to partake again.’

Kate O’Riordan, Jan 2022

(Primary School Teacher, Parent of Noah O’Riordan (10), KidCast Ep 5) 



My kids absolutely loved taking part in KidCast. It helped to build their confidence in a really fun way. And they were learning too! The show is packed with so many interesting educational segments and news stories. Céire was extremely professional to deal with too and she made the kids feel so relaxed and comfortable. Thanks for the super opportunity to take part.

Tracy Hadnett, Jan 2022 

Parent of Jack (10) and Grace (8), KidCast Ep 5 & 8)



‘Eva really enjoyed being part of KidCast and would like to do it again. It was great for her confidence, made her feel so proud listening to her episode with her classmates.’

Claire Walsh, Jan 2022

(Parent of Eva Walsh (8), KidCast Ep 6)


‘I was delighted when Clodagh got the opportunity to participate in the podcast as it was an opportunity for her to stretch beyond her comfort zone, and to try something new. Clodagh was enthusiastic about speaking with a professional animator, and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the process of creating the podcast. She was very proud of the finished product and how seamlessly all the different parts tied together.’

Brenda Saez-Walsh, Jan 2022

(Parent of Clodagh Saez-Walsh (10), KidCast Ep 4)


‘Both as a parent and an English teacher I was absolutely delighted when Harry got the opportunity to co-host the KidCast podcast. This was an enriching experience for Harry from start to finish. Before the initial recording Harry was very excited and had to think about potential questions to ask his interviewee as well as come up with an interesting riddle. This generated lots of conversation and Harry was really engaged from the off! Harry found the whole process of recording the podcast fascinating. He enjoyed using the equipment and Céire really empowered and encouraged him to find his voice! Finally, the experience has left Harry with a huge interest in podcasts. He now realises that podcasts are a great source of information about literally everything and that they are richly entertaining too. Harry would be delighted to make an appearance on the podcast again sometime!! Thank you Céire for all your hard work, encouragement and the fun experience you created for Harry.’

Valerie Williams, Jan 2022 

(English Teacher, Parent of Harry Williams (11), KidCast Ep1)


‘As a parent, I was delighted to hear their confident little voices coming through. Both boys would definitely be interested in doing future podcasts as they both had so much fun doing it. I think its a great platform for children to explore different topics and let their imagination go wild! It was also a great introduction to podcasting for the boys and some of their friends and family really enjoyed listening in too. Congrats to Céire and her team and I look forward to hearing future episodes of KidCast!’

Sarah Bradley, Jan 2022 

Parent of Jamie (6) and Xander Harford (10), KidCast Ep 1 & 3)


‘KidCast has opened a new window of knowledge and interests in our home, which has been a most positive experience.  Right from the first episode up to the eighth we looked forward with great anticipation to each one.  Ava felt extremely privileged to have played a role in ‘Mystery Sounds’, Episode 2.  There was tremendous excitement recording a variety of sounds and deciding which ones would make the cut.  The child driven challenges were both lovely and invigorating in their creativity and enthusiasm. As a parent I’ve been most impressed by the format and content developing real interest in the topics covered.  Céire has a unique and special talent bringing out the very best in each child– it is no coincidence we seemed to hear the very best of their personalities in a most fun way.  Each episode was action packed with snippets of information, always kept brief enough to keep the listeners attention from waning but still giving a very accurate description.  The interviews with different professions were particularly interesting and popular in our house.  Each episode is expertly paced with the content pitched beautifully.  My comments do not sufficiently praise the endeavours.  Thank you for awakening a thirst for knowledge in such a fun and inclusive podcast. We look forward with glee to Season 2!’

Patricia Dooley, Jan 2002

(Primary School Vice Principal, Parent of Ava Kelly, KidCast Ep 3)

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What the Educators Say...

‘KidCast is an exciting new podcast for children and a great resource for the primary school classroom too. Children learn interesting facts about different countries from the international guests, engage in fun games and have the opportunity to contribute and host! Excellent delivery by KidCast host and producer Céire O’Donoghue.’ 

Dr Máire Nic an Bhaird, Jan 2022

(Irish Lecturer, Froebal Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education)


‘The children in Temple Street Children’s Hospital School really enjoyed taking part in the KidCast podcast. It was lovely for my students to work on a fun project while in hospital. It made them feel special to be included and that their voices would be heard on a podcast, alongside other children in the community. 

As a hospital teacher, it was fantastic to have our school included in this project and we look forward to taking part in any KidCast projects in the future.’ 

Deirdre Murphy, Jan 2022

(Primary School Teacher, Temple Street Hospital School)


‘The KidCast Podcast provided great incentive for my students and they really relished being part of it. They felt included and important and it was a great boost to their confidence. The parents were also very supportive and commented on how professional the podcast is. Céire was so great to deal with and I hope The Drama Den and KidCast get to work together again.’

Aine Dilleen, Jan 2022 (Founder/ Facilitator ‘The Drama Den’, Donabate)


‘Thanks a million Céire. The kids loved the experience’

Claire Power, Jan 2022 (Founder/ Facilitator ‘Trading Faces’, Galway)


‘Thanks so much for inviting Sean and Cara to be part of KidCast. They had a brilliant experience’

Laura Brennan, Jan 2022 (‘Brennan Acting Agency’, Kildare)


‘Thanks Céire - my students sound fantastic! A great project, well done!’

Mary Power Cooney (Founder/ Facilitator ‘Theatrics’, Naas)


‘The children loved being part of KidCast and are eager to do more! They really enjoyed listening to their episode and it was of excellent quality’

Ann Marie Lewis (Founder/ Facilitator ‘Dramarama’ Cork)

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